Week 5 Lab



Snowboard Design




I have always wanted to design a custom snowboard. I am still new to this but I plan to do this again and again to come up with a bunch of cool ideas.

To start I found an online .jpg of a snowboard outline. I copied it into my drawing and used live trace to create an outline path of my snowboard. I copied the path and added a fill color for the top and bottom of the board. I also made copies of the path to use as a clipping mask later on.

I decided on a mechanical/gear theme. I started by finding an image of pistons attached to a crankshaft from a V8 engine. I copied it into my drawing and scaled it to be in the background of the bottom of my board. I rotated it to get the angle I wanted to be revealed by my clipping mask. I used live trace to get my crankshaft and pistons to be black and white. I then expanded them and used the live paint bucket to fill the parts in white for a high contrast look on the darker board colors I planned to use later. Once I had the effect I wanted I really wanted to continue with a uniform look for the rest of the design. I found pictures of a set of mechanical gear, an axle pinion gear and a set of camshaft timing gears. I repeated the exact same process for all three of those photos as well. 

Next, I decided I wanted a black background fill for the bottom of my board. I decided to fill the top of the board with a dark blue using a light blue 30 degree linear gradient to create movement. I used the gradient sliders to position the light blue at the back of the board.

I wanted to finish them off using a custom Burton logo that was different on the top and bottom. For the top I used the type tool to type “BURTON” in Arial Black font. I then selected the font and expanded it and ungrouped the letters. For the top I simply rotated every other letter slightly to give it different look. For the bottom I used my direct selection tool to drag some of the anchors of the letters to make them abstract.

This was a very fun project and I hope to make many more!